Shipping Container Homes

Our Purpose

Like most other people, we've been inspired by the news reports. It's actually been a combination of things because
the Shipping Container Home evolution is connected to many other important technologies. So besides the fact the
Shipping Container is the most perfect "building module", it also brings with it the solid foundation for many other
Green technologies.

Who We Are
I am a college graduate with my degree in marketing and for the past 10 years i've been a marketing executive for a
solar energy company in California. My husband is a building contractor here in California with some projects in Las Vegas
over the past year. We understand building, energy,  and the importance of strength, simplicity, and sustainability in home
and office construction.

Actually, we are not so interested in saving the U.S. or the planet by promoting the use of Shipping Container ISBU's.
We think the stores of Shipping Containers will eventually correct themselves and there are far more important things on
this planet to be concerned about.  

The Best Investment Value
We are more concerned and interested in the extreme safety of ISBU modules and the simplicity of using them in most
any construction project.  To use them in California, the U.S., and the rest of the world seems to be the most logical
trend against earthquake damage, tornados, hurricanes and the loss of life.  
We hope to impliment this safe and truely sustainable construction base in:
 - our new home
 - our new 3 car garage
 - a storage shed
 - a Safe room
 - a Sunless greenhouse
 - a new cabin at Big Bear
 - some investment apartments
 - our office 
 - our local schools

These are our realistic goals.

So Peaceful and Quiet
Suprisingly, we walked into a very modest and not so fancy Shipping Container Home in Las Vegas in June of 2007. 
We were there with friends and also as skeptics.  We were both very impressed in how cozy and quiet the single container
home was. It gave us very much thought in the next days and weeks and from there we have set our own goals and
business priorities.  ...America needs this simple technology and the world needs it. 

We've made many new friends, even traveled to factories in China and a few ports in California. We feel very positive
about this new trend and all the technologies and changes it brings with it.

We hope you enjoy our modest website and information on Shipping Container homes and construction.  

Come back often,

Jennifer (Jen) Cunningham
Container Homes