Shipping Container Homes

Shipping Container Home Dealers & Manufacturers-

The largest database of certified shipping container dealers and wholesalers is at the Container Dealer's Association.  
We have sent our contacts to them also and they are verifiying the companies on our list.  I believe this to be the largest 
database of "certified" dealers globally, and please trust these are "not" Google Ad dealers or links.

This is a great source for new and used shipping containers. Whether you call them shipping containers, boxes, cans,
conex boxes, ISBU, or simply containers, they are all the same. 

The ISO shipping container is also called and ISBU when used for storage or construction modules.

Since 2009 many Shipping Container Dealers and Brokers have gone out of business, or become very financially 
weakened. It's important to do business with only those who are "current" and "certified" by this organization.

- Container Dealer's Association [ LINK ] , same as Shipping Container Dealer's Association
- Used Shipping Container Dealers [ LINK ] , at the GreenCube Network Directory

Jen Cunningham

IMPORTANT WARNING!  Used Shipping Containers

Used shipping containers are what most of us are all looking for. They are more commonly used than new containers due
to the cost factor.

However, we urge great caution when searching for, or purchasing shipping containers online! 

This is the easiest way to get scammed! Purchasing from "private parties" or Dealers "not certified" by the ISBU Association
or Container Dealers Association is quite a risk. We hear most complaints from people who purchase containers from
Online forums and posting boards.

NO- Individuals or dealers in online forums
NO- Individuals or dealers in online classifieds and posts

YES- Certified Container Dealers

Container Dealers