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As you may have found, there are very few truly accurate, updated, and legitimate infromational websites about the
Shipping Container construction, architecture and use for ISBU projects.

Most of the sites that somehow get top ranking with Google, Yahoo, and MSN actually have just one or two very out dated
news articles, or maybe Prefab or Eco sites with mis-labeled projects that are not even real Shipping Containers.  Most
websites including the Prefab and Eco types just add anything and everything, but few building projects I see are even
feasable or realistic, whether Shipping Container Prefab, or simply Prefab prefab.

I will add a few links, however I find the best overall resource at this time is the ISBA site (ISBU Association). This is the
only international organization for the Container construction and mobile storage trade.

Additionally the NPSA (National Portable Storage Association) is an organization representing all  the Mobile storage trade,
not just shipping container dealers. 

Check back often as I will update this Resource area weekly.

  ISBU Association
      - Container Home Info and News site
     Certainly a great and fast growing grass roots network and resource for shipping container home construction. Please 
     check with them as they are without a doubt the most complete and informed organization. They are very well connected
     in the trade and have been extremely helpful to me on my projects.  They are membership driven and not owned or 
     funded by any large companies or organizations.

  The Box- How The Shipping Container Made the World Smaller
     This was very interesting reading to me but has nothing about plans, architecture, or it's building use today.  It is
     simply an excellent informative of how it was invented and eventually became an International standard.  Also this
     link has some interesting free video downloads.     - By Marc Levinson, Princeton University Press

  Container Dealers Association
      - Shipping Container and ISBU Modules
     A trusted resource for New and Used shipping containers and ISBU modules globally. All dealers are certified
     Used shipping containers. New shipping containers.

  California Cracks- The Role of Shipping Containers in California's Preparedness
     A website in process which will contain government and industry insight and information for the preparedness of
     each region of California.

       - Portable Storage News and Info site
     If you are a portable storage dealer you may benefit from this organization. They hold annual meetings.

     It really looks great and is a good resource if you are looking for all types of Prefabs, realistic or not. But I find many 
     broken links and few bonifide and usable Shipping Container projects. It appears the last updates were 2 - 4 years
     ago.  What is there is interesting though and may give you some design ideas.  Please be aware, many of the 
     projects are not actually ISO Shipping Container based projects.

  Bob Vila
    A great site for construction tips and ideas. Also good for ISBU Shipping Container information. But for me it's
    too many advertisments and paid endorsements, but usually worth filtering through.

   A good overall and fairly accurate resource for eco information.

  Video Archives
    There are many ISBU and Shipping Container videos scattered around the Internet, but I find them all linked here at
    the ISBA Video site in one easy location, including all the Bob Vila videos.

    Some good information, but sometimes a bit complicated to follow.

    They are mostly Prefab and so, so related Green products and concepts of all types with a few Shipping Container 
    projects. Interesting browsing of many things.

  Eco-Green b2b Sources Directory
    This is an excellent resource directory sponsored by the ISUB Association and Container Dealers Association.
    It not only has sources for Container home architects and engineers, but virtually everything to construct them.